The Design Futures Initiative

The Design Futures Initiative is a nonprofit 501c3 organization based in San Francisco, CA governed by design industry experts and entreprenuers. Our mission is to provide a platform for events & workshops as inspiration and educational training toward understanding the role and impact of design in the future. Our events employ the use of Speculative Design (Critical Design, Futurism, Design Fiction, Discursive Design, Strategic Foresight and similar lenses) to investigate and imagine possible futures through the use of research, frameworks, artifacts, experiences and scenarios. By illuminating the possibilities and the inherent choices they engender, speculative futurists help organizations, institutions and society share richer conversations about the futures they wish to create, the ones they want to avoid, and make better decisions about both. Our collective practice enables versatile thinking and serves as a creative framework to discover, explore and increase awareness, to craft right futures—to design and build for the well-being of all life, human and otherwise.



Board of Directors

Phil Balagtas - Founder/President

Mary Lukanuski - Secretary

Sarah Hendrix - Treasurer

Jack Wilkinson - Board Member

Adam Zeiner - Board Member

Chris Livaudais - Board Member