Speculative Design, Emerging Technologies, Strategy & Foresight


Speculative Futures is a community of meetup groups for those interested in Speculative Design, Critical Design, Design Fiction, Discursive Design, Strategic Foresight and Futurism, Science Fiction and any vision or approach which involves using design as a vehicle to speculate about potential or alternate futures. We host speakers—practitioners, teachers, students, and other professionals who will be talking about work or methods in this topic. We also host workshops which will allow you to learn how to conduct and apply futures design thinking in a variety of circumstances as a method of synthesis and strategy. 


The PRIMER 2018 Call for Speakers is now open. We are still in the midst of planning and are looking forward to an amazing line-up of speakers from around the world in May 2018 in San Francsico, CA. Apply to speak or teach a workshop today!